Past Luncheons

Past Luncheon Meetings

Below are Past Luncheon Meetings. Also see Archived Events from January 2017 to present

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6/12/19 Steve Sereboff, founder of SoCal IP Law Group Patents – So Much is New in the Law of Innovation
5/8/19 Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Sansum Clinic Trends in Healthcare Worth Knowing About
4/10/19 2019 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 64th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
3/13/19 Dr. Paul J. Atzberger, Professor, UCSB Mathematics and UCSB Mechanical Engineering Machine Learning in the Sciences and Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities
2/13/19 Dr. Corey Hoven, founder and CTO of Next Energy Technologies Beautiful Energy: Windows that Generate Energy from the Sun
1/9/19 Robert N. Yamasaki, Vice President and Information Security Officer, Community West Bank Cybercrime and How You Can Protect Yourself
12/12/18 Joshua Haggmark, Water Resources Manager for the City of Santa Barbara Building Water Supply Resiliency: Diversity, Innovation, and Conservation
11/14/18 Dr. Elliott W. Hawkes, UCSB Mechanical Engineering Adding Soft to Robotics: From gecko-inspired wall-climbing to vine-inspired navigation
10/10/18 Dr. Ben Mazin, UCSB Physics Looking for Planets Outside Our Solar System with Superconducting Photon Detectors
09/12/16 Prof. Denise Montell, UCSB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Life and Near Death Experiences at the Cellular Level
08/08/18 Prof. Javier Read de Alaniz Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dead Fish: Sensors for Food Safety
07/11/18 Panel moderated by Gary Kravetz
Sharon Brown, Corporate Director of HR at Axxcss Wireless Solutions
Sandie Wilkes, HR Manager from Arthrex California Technology, Inc.
Sheri Griffiths, Branch Manager at Apple One Employment Services
Katie Wilkes, Assistant Branch Manager at Apple One Employment Services
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2018
06/13/18 Mike Brown, VP of Operations for Pacific Design Technologies How to Keep Your Cool - Thermal Management for Challenging Applications
05/09/18 Dr. Gabriel Menard, UCSB Chemistry and Biochemistry Clean Energy Storage: Chemical and Electrochemical Strategies
04/11/18 2018 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 63rd Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/14/18 Alexander Proctor, co-founder Active Life Scientific Bone Fragility vs Density: Innovation for diagnosis and treatment in an aging population
02/14/18 Dr. James F. Buckwalter, Professor UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless Challenges for RF, Millimeter-wave, and Photonic Technologies
01/24/18 Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, CEO Heeluxe Beautiful Machines: Designing Testing Tools for Better Shoes
12/13/17 meeting cancelled due to fire
11/08/17 Dr. Craig Prater, CTO at Anasys Instruments What the heck is that? Using a microscopic mirage to chemically identify and map materials
10/11/17 Dr. Sumita Pennathur, UCSB Mechanical Engineering Smarter Sensors and Wearable Devices for Medicine
09/13/17 Panel moderated by Gary Kravetz
Steve Bermudez, Chief of Staff / Chief Operating Officer / Impact Radius
Erma Cervantes, Director of HR, Bega-US
Elsa Perez, HR Generalist, CMC Rescue
Anthony Schuck, Business Development Manager, Volt Workforce Solutions
Janet Wallace, HR Manager, Pacific Design Technology
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2017
08/08/17 Dr. Yon Visell Reverse Engineering the Sense of Touch
07/12/17 Dr. Chandra Krintz, Professor, UCSB Computer Science and Chief Scientist at AppScale Systems SmartFarms: Using Internet of Things to turn Analytics into Farm Implements
06/14/17 Dr. Mark Sherwin, UCSB Physics Terahertz-Frequency Electro-Optics: Colliding Quasiparticles a Trillion Times per Second
05/10/17 Dr. Patrick Daugherty, President & CEO of Serimmune Inc. Revealing the fingerprints of the environment on our immune systems
04/12/17 2017 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 62nd Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/08/17 Dr. Burton Tripathi of TrueVision The future of microsurgery - the digital transformation
02/08/17 Dr. Galen Stucky, UCSB Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry From the Benchtop to Commercialization and Beyond: New Solutions for Old Problems
01/11/17 Daniel Price, CEO of Bread Inc The Internet of Things: the myth, hype, facts, and engineers
12/14/16 Dr. Amitabh Ghoshal, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Optical Structures in Biology – A Closer Look Reveals Insights!
11/09/16 John Cabeca, Director of the West Coast USPTO (Silicon Valley) Intellectual Property: Overview and Strategies
10/12/16 Matthew Turk, PhD; Department of Computer Science, UCSB Beyond Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality for the Real World
09/14/16 Stephen Scopatz, General Manager of Electro Optical Industries Still Developing New Optics after 50 Years
08/10/16 Panel lead by Gary Kravetz, co-president of SEC:
Susie Weslander, Executive Recruiter at Volt
Sharon Mercer Brown, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Moseley Associates, Inc.
Michael Boucher, QAD
Tina Adams, Channel Technologies
Danny Nishiyama, Business Development/Volt
State of Technical Employment in Santa Barbara
07/13/16 Riviera Robotics Team Under the Hood: Team 5818 FIRST Robot
06/08/16 Kevin Plaxco, PhD Associate Director of UCSB's Center for Bioengineering Real-Time Molecular Measurements in the Living Body
05/09/16 Alan McCall, Mechanical Engineer, Dehlsen Associates, LLC Wave Energy Conversion: Challenges and Potential Solutions
04/13/16 2016 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 61st Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/09/16 Dr. Henry Baker, Consultant Encryption Technology Demystified
02/10/16 Nick Winters of Santa Barbara Hackerspace Iterate Faster With a 3D Printer
01/13/16 Dr. Ken Babcock, Lifescale MEMS in the Real World: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance and Other Adventures
12/09/15 Dr. Katie Byl, UCSB ECE on Robotics Limbed Robots: Mobility
11/11/15 Yanick Fratantonio, PhD candidate in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara Malware on Mobile: The What, The Why, and The How
10/14/15 Tom Strelich, Technical Fellow at Northrop Grumman Synergy on Steroids:  Model Driven Engineering (MDE) 101
9/9/15 Clint Schow, ECE department, UCSB Opportunities and Challenges for Photonics in Next-Generation Data Centers

David Copp, Mechanical Engineering:  "Closing the Loop: Engineering an Artificial Pancreas"

Selvi Ersoy, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology: "Killing Me Softly with Antibiotics"

Matt Gebbie, Materials: "Simplifying Nature's Invention: Engineering Mussel Proteins into Biomedical Glues"

Lakshmanan Nataraj, Electrical and Computer Engineering: "Photographing Computer Programs to Identify Malicious Software"

Jamie Booth, Mechanical Engineering:  "Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Materials"

Hot Topics at UCSB! 2015 Grad Slam Winners Share Their Research
07/08/15 Andrew Kendrick, President, Kendrick Consultanting, LLC Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management
06/10/15 Gregory Koss, Chief Technology Advisor / Development Officer, CALIENT Technologies 3D MEMS Photonic Optical Circuit Switching: Growing Use in Cloud Data Centers
05/13/15 Dr. John Martinis, Professor of Physics, UCSB What's Next After Moore's Law: Quantum Computing
04/08/15 2015 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 60th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/11/15 Gary Kravetz and panel including Debbie Aronow, Technical Recruiter; Volt Workforce Solutions, Danielle Herandez, Recruitor, Human Resources; Channel Technologies Group, Michael Daoud, President, Visus LLC Santa Barbara County Tech Employment Outlook
02/11/15 Brian Herbst of SAFE Laboratories, LLC Crashing Cars For A Reason (And For Fun!)
01/13/15 Dr. Mike Eddy, VP of Marketing, Resonant, Inc. Meeting Mobile Bandwidth Challenges with Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN)
12/10/14 Dr. John Bowers, Director of UCSB Institute of Energy Efficiency Silicon Photonics: Transforming Data Centers
11/12/14 Thomas Evans, Chief Engineer at the Goleta Water District Groundwater Supplies, the Drought and Conservation
10/08/14 Dr. Nicholas Cunningham, Nyler Research Exploring the Small and Significant with Atom Probe Tomography
09/10/14 Niels Van Erven, head of Sonos' Radio Engineering group Hi-Fi Over Wi-Fi: A Wireless Music System
08/13/14 Mike Franco of Riptide IO Turning Commercial Buildings into Smart Buildings: The Internet-of-Things for Smaller Businesses
07/09/14 UCSB Grad Slam winners, introduced by Carol Genetti, Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB Hot Topics at UCSB: Grad Slam Winners Share Their Research 
06/11/14 Dr. Pradeep Sen, UCSB Advanced Graphics Lab, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Computational Image Processing, Visualization Lab Computing Realistic Images of the World Around Us
05/08/14 Mike Pugh, VP Marketing and Vince Niedzielski, VP Engineering, j2 Global From Web to Mobile: Transitioning without Missing a Beat
04/09/14 2014 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 59th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/12/14 Dr. Carl Schueler, Schueler Consulting Commercially Hosted Remote Sensing; History, Challenges, Opportunities
02/12/14 Gary Kravetz, Moderator
Todd Mitchell, Network Hardware Resale
Janet Wallace, Pacific Design Technology 
Dawn Coles, FLIR Systems
Trish Miller, Spherion Staffing
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara, 2014
01/08/14 Dr. Philip Lubin, UCSB Physics Department Vaporizing Asteroids that Threaten the Earth
12/11/13 Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov, Department of Electrical Engineering, UCSB 2013 Senior Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects
11/13/13 Dr. Scott Grafton, MD, UCSB Department of Psychology Human brain networks: Understanding function from connections and activity
10/09/13 Dr. Ambuj Singh, UCSB Departments of Computer Science & Biomolecular Science and Engineering Online Landscape Mapping
09/11/13 Derrick Bailey, Traffic Engineer, City of Santa Barbara The Science of Traffic Engineering
08/08/13 Dr. Morgan Kelly, UCSB Researcher, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Life in a changing ocean: will adaptation come to the rescue?
07/11/13 Dr. Martin Moskowits, UCSB Chemistry Department A Radically New Way to Harvest the Sun’s Energy
06/13/13 Ansh Kanwar of Citrix Internet-Scale Services: from Idea to Delivery
05/09/13 Industry Panel including Sharon Pavico-Vega, Right Scale and Danielle Hernandez, Channel Technologies Group
led by Gary Kravetz, co-president of SEC
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2013
04/11/13 2013 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 58th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair
03/14/13 Andrew Cleland, UC Santa Barbara, Physics Facebook and Prime Numbers: How a quantum computer is like a social network
02/14/13 Yasamin Mostofi, PhD, UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering Integration of Sensing, Communication, and Navigation in Mobile Networks
01/10/13 Claudio Campagnari, UCSB Physics The Higgs Boson: Particle of the Year
12/13/12 Mike Brown of Pacific Design Technologies Keeping Curiosity Cool (or Warm): Thermal Control of the Newest Mars Rover
11/8/12 Dave Clark, President, Impulse Advanced Communications The History of the Internet in Santa Barbara: An overview from ARPANET through the dotcom bubble and into "The Cloud"
10/11/12 Stan Stahl, Ph.D., President, Los Angeles Chapter, Information Systems Security Association It Takes the Village to Secure the Village(SM)
09/13/12 John Richard and Dr. Marie O'Regan from Dupont Displays DuPont’s Printing Technique Produces Affordable OLED Displays
08/09/12 Dr. Ram Seshadri, Professor, UCSB; Materials and Chemistry & Biochemistry Phosphor converted solid state white lighting: What's that on your ceiling?
07/12/12 Yifeng Wu, Ph.D.VP, Product Development, Transphorm GaN Power Technologies: Riding the Third Wave for Energy Efficiency
06/14/12 Craig Prater of Anasys Instruments What the heck is that? Using infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy
to identify and map material at the nanoscale
05/10/12 Moderator Gary Kravetz, Co-President of SEC, Panel members: Maxine Price, Bruker- Nano Surfaces Business; Todd Mitchell, Network Hardware Resale; Dr. Prashant Rajvaidya, Mosaic Network; and Cindy Mayer, Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2012
04/12/12 2012 Science Fair Winners 57th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair
03/08/12 John Vampola, Raytheon Vision Systems Space Products Infrared Technology in the 21st Century
02/09/12 Dr. John Bowers, Board Chairman and Claude Dorais, Director and President, Unite to Light The Unite to Light story: Using technology to provide clean, reliable electricity to developing countries
01/12/12 Dr. Greg Fish, VP of Research and Development at Aurrion Inc More Than Moore: Harnessing the Power of Silicon Microelectronics Beyond Digital
12/08/11 Peter Schlueer, President and CFO, WorldViz Virtual Reality – An Innovative Technology Going Mainstream
11/10/11 Dr. Scott Ferguson, Craig Cummins and Greg Burek from UCSB Panel of winners from UCSB's Technology Management Program New Venture Competition
10/13/11 Dr. Pierre Wiltzius, Dean of Science and a professor of physics at UCSB When Photons Sing: The Future of Optical Communications
09/08/11 Wayne Norris of SEDS, LLC The Best Way To Find IEDs You Probably Never Heard Of
08/11/11 Michael Ditmore , Executive Director of Novim and James Knight, Novim’s Executive Vice President Earth Surface Temperatures:  A New Assessment of Historic Global Temperature
07/14/11 Dr. Mark Kram, Founder and CTO of Groundswell Technologies, Inc Sensor and GIS Integration for Automated
Web-Based Environmental Monitoring and Visualization
06/06/11 Amir Abo-Shaeer and Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Building Robots - 2011: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It DPEA Video 1 DPEA Video 2
05/12/11 Burton Tripathi, Ph.D and David Stuart of TrueVision 3D Surgical The New Eye Surgery: 3D Visualization and Guidance
04/14/11 2011 Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners 56th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/10/11 Daniel R. Tormey, Ph.D., P.G. – Cardno ENTRIX Technical Director Lessons From Catastrophe: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Climate Change, and Glacial Melting
02/10/11 Dr. Lars Blidsten, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics and Department of Physics, UCSB Exploding Stars
01/13/11 Gary Kravetz, Susie Weslander Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2011
12/09/10 Alex Proctor, Director of Technology, Active Life Scientific BioDent Device Measures Bone Strength
11/11/10 Dr. Klaus Schauser, Founder and Chief Strategist, AppFolio Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service: The Next Revolution in Computing
10/14/10 Dr. Christopher Kruegel of UCSB Security Challenges on Today's Internet
09/09/10 Chris Herbert - Co-Founder and CTO of Phone Halo Smart Objects
08/12/10 Dr. Benjamin A. Haskell, CEO of Inlustra Technologies, Inc. Using Gallium Nitride in LEDs and Lasers: The Problems of Polarization
07/08/10 Gary Kravetz, Vice Chairman of SCORE and evaluator of funding requests for Tech Coast Angels Tech Coast Angels: Funding and Support for Potential Success
06/10/10 Amir Abo-Shaeer, Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Director, and the 2010 Robotics Team Building Robots - 2010: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It
05/13/10 2010 Science Fair Winners 55th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners Present their Projects
04/08/10 Dr. Jamey Marth, Director of the Center for Nanomedicine Nanomedicine: Discovering and Disabling the Cellular Origins of Disease
03/11/10 Russ Sharer, Vice President of Marketing for Occam Networks Rebuilding the Global Telecom Network with Broadband
02/11/10 Gary Kravetz, Karen Anne Platt, Dixie Vargas, Dan Munoz, and Erma Zuniga Santa Barbara Employment Outlook
01/14/10 George Konstantinow, Cristopher Geiler MD, Christina Thielst, Gale Wilson-Steele Social Networking in Health Care and Medicine
12/10/09 Michael Franco of Current Analytics It Pays to be Energy Efficient: A Converged TCP/Building Architecture
11/12/09 Michael Crandell of RightScale Cloud Computing
10/08/09 John Bowers of UCSB Institute of Energy Efficiency New Thermoelectric Materials for Energy Harvesting and Power Generation
09/10/09 Matt Vlasach, CEO, Pacific Swell Networks, Inc. The “Universal Directory” – Concepts, Benefits and Technology
08/13/09 Craig Prater, Chief Technology Officer, Anasys Instruments Let's Talk Small -- Fun and Games with the World's Smallest Heat Source
07/09/09 Bruce Allen of SOS California, Energy Consultant and Author Expanding Oil Drilling to Fight Pollution and Fund Renewables: Poppycock or Paradigm Shift?
06/11/09 Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA) DPEA's 2009 Robot and Competition Results
05/14/09 2009 Science Fair Winners Santa Barbara Science Fair: Award winners present their winning projects
04/09/09 Amir Mikhail, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Engineering, Clipper Windpower, Inc. Wind Power: History, Technology and Future Development
03/12/09 Gary Kravetz, SEC co-president and Susie Weslander, technical recruiter Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2009
02/12/09 Philip J. Wyatt, CEO, Wyatt Technology Corporation Wine, Coca Cola®, Absolut Vodka® and Light Scattering: How a problem of physics helped launch a company.
01/08/09 Tam Hunt, Community Environmental Council Fossil Free by '33: Regional Plans for Fossil-Free Energy Generation
12/11/08 Eric Boldt , Meteorologist, National Weather Service What is Weather? Forecasts and Delivery Formats from the National Weather Service
11/13/08 Don Oparah and Eckart Meiberg, UCSB Venture Acceleration Initiative and Virtual Geology: Simulating Oceanic Sedimentation Processes for Deep-Water Oil Exploration
10/09/08 Gaemus Collins, Analyst, Toyon Research Corporation Autonomous Control Algorithms for Unmanned Air Vehicles
09/11/08 Katheryn Greenaway, UCSB TMP Program Manager; Sherrie Robert, CEO, InFlowMed; Troy Baker, Founder and CTO, Nitride Solutions UCSB Technology Management Program and 2008 Winners of the New Venture Competition
08/14/08 Dr. Rachel Street, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network Searching for New Worlds, the discovery of extrasolar planets using robotic cameras to detect transits.
07/10/08 Jim Spink, Senior Program Manager, ATK Space Systems Powering the Mars Phoenix Lander: ATK’s Deployable Ultraflex Solar Array
06/12/08 Amir Abo-Shaeer and the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Building Robots - 2008: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It
05/08/08 2008 Award Winners 2008 Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners
04/10/08 Gary Kravetz, Tracy Baskerville, Susie Weslander, Valerie Janssens Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2008
03/13/08 Keith Friedman Engineering Science Behind Your Everyday Safety
02/14/08 Alan Heeger, PhD Low Cost "Plastic" Solar Cells
01/10/08 Burton Tripathi, PhD 3D HD micro surgery – TrueVision is coming to an Operating Room near you
12/13/07 Robb Moore Backup & Recovery: Five Ways To Protect Against Data Loss
11/08/07 Nicholas Hooper Innovation in the UK: Your Springboard for Global Growth
10/11/07 David Lea Global Warming – Science and Society
9/13/2007 Mike Eddy Improving Wireless Network Performance with Tower-Mounted Electronics
8/9/2007 Chris Rose VoIP for Small Business: The Latest on Phone Calls Over the Internet
7/12/2007 Jeremy Anticouni Why Can't I Make It Work
6/14/2007 Amir Abo-Shaeer Robots: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It
5/10/2007 Award Winners The 52nd Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/12/2007 Professor Norbert Reich Nanoparticle-Based Approaches for Biological Research, Medical Diagnostics, and Molecular Electronics
3/8/2007 Carl Schueler Earth Science from Space:
National Imperatives for the Next Decade & Beyond
2/8/2007 Gary Kravetz The Technical Job Market in Santa Barbara: Still an Employee Driven Labor Market
1/11/2007 Kevin W. Plaxco Better Living Through Biosensors
12/14/2006 Joe Zasadzinski Double Bagging at the Nanoscale
11/9/2006 Wayne B. Norris Improvised Explosive Devices: The World’s Strangest Technology
10/12/2006 Professor John Bowers The Path to Light-Based Silicon Chips: Hybrid Silicon Evanescent Lasers
9/14/2006 Gabe Davis, Chris Oestreich, Ryan Park Solar Electricity Technology in the 21st Century: Shedding Light on Cost-Effective Energy Solutions
8/10/2006 Chris Malzone Dynamic Applications for Underwater Acoustics: 3-Dimensional Mapping of the Ocean from the Surface to the Substrate
7/13/2006 Ken Babcock Weighing Cells with Microchannel Resonators: Sensitive mass measurements of biological samples
6/8/2006 Matt Cheres & Steve Riley Big Brother is Watching (But You're in Control), Low-Power, Wireless Mesh Networking Technology and Industry
5/11/2006 Award Winners The 51st Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/13/2006 William Radasky ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE (EMI) ON A CONTINENTAL SCALE: How the Sun Could Create a Power Blackout
3/9/2006 Paul Bryant Infrared Scene Projection: Virtual Reality for IR Sensor Test & Evaluation
2/24/2006 Jack Stuster* Expeditions Lessons Learned
2/9/2006 Grant Gibson & Alan Christ 3D Modeling: Making Rapid Prototypes by 3D "Printing"
1/12/2006 Gary Kravetz The Technical Job Market in Santa Barbara: Employers and Employees in a Tight Labor Market
12/8/2005 Roger Helkey MEMS-Based Optical Switching: Meeting the needs of Large-Scale Fiber
11/10/2005 Steve Trainoff Why Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies Are Interested In Why the Sky Is Blue
10/13/2005 Douglas H. Harris Connecting the Dots: The Evolution of Intelligence Analysis
9/8/2005 Julian Nott Exploring the Landscape of Scientific Ballooning
8/11/2005 H.T. Soh What can Moore's Law Do for Medicine?
7/14/2005 Professor Amir S. Mikhail Wind Energy's Contribution to Global Energy: The Role of Technical Innovation
6/9/2005 Professor David Awscholom Beyond Electronics: Spintronics and Quantum Computers
5/12/2005 Award Winners 50th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/14/2005 Geoff Deane Untethered from the Tank: Technology Gives Freedom To Oxygen
3/10/2005 Andy Erickson Probing the Frontiers of the Nanoscale with Multiple AFMs
2/10/2005 Gary Kravetz Changes in the Local Technical Job Market for 2005
1/13/2005 Nicola Spaldin Being Smart about "Smart" Materials: the Chemical Design of New Materials
12/9/2004 Eric McFarland Taking the Oil Out of Gasoline: New Technology for Natural Gas
11/11/2004 Paul Hansma Casting For Solutions: A Microscopic Look at Bone Fracture Dynamics
10/14/2004 Dennis Adderton Small-Tech Wizardry: Synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes
9/9/2004 David Messner Reaching Out In Space: Current Directions in Deployable Space Systems
8/12/2004 Austin Richards Commercial Applications for Infrared Imaging: The State of the Art
7/8/2004 Tully Clifford Traffic: Engineered for the Masses
6/10/2004 Daniel Morse The Bio-Nano Interface: Nanofabricating Semiconductors Using Biotechnology
5/13/2004 Award Winners The 49th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/8/2004 William Radasky Interference Problems: How The Sun Affects Our Technology
3/11/2004 Kenichi Yoshie Bridging Cultures: Japan-US and Academe-Industry
2/12/2004 John Illgen Special Technology Assignment By The DoD To The Republic of South Korea
1/8/2004 Gary Kravetz Latest Changes in the Local Technology Job Market
12/11/2003 Professor Evelyn L. Hu The Promise of the Very Small: Nanoscience at the California NanoSystems Institute
11/13/2003 Steve Silverman Goleta Goes to Mars: Mini-TES and THEMIS
10/9/2003 Larry Levelle Finding Errors Earlier in Mission Critical Software
9/11/2003 Roberta Nielsen The State of Handheld Computers
8/14/2003 Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua Speech Processing Anytime, Anywhere
7/10/2003 Felix Fischer Patents and Intellectural Property for Technologists
6/12/2003 Michael Barber Astronomical Imaging with CCD Cameras
5/8/2003 Award Winners The 48th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/15/2003 Rod Smith* Pipeline Construction Project From the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea
4/10/2003 Fred Brander The Grapes of Math: A Chemist's Approach to Winemaking
3/13/2003 Dr. Jack Love A New Treatment for Valvular Heart Disease Using the Patient's Own Tissue
2/13/2003 Walter Ware Telematics: What is IT?
1/9/2003 Gary Kravetz Latest Changes in the Local Technical Job Market
12/12/2002 Steve Butner Operation Lindbergh: The World's First Human Telesurgery
11/14/2002 Arlon Martin Applications for Tunable Lasers
10/10/2002 Alan Campbell Cool Products with Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
9/23/2002 Jim Reichman* Doom, Gloom... and Hope: A Report on the Current State of Ecology
9/12/2002 Craig Prater Thinking Small: Microcantilevers for medical diagnostics, chemical sensors, and electronic noses
8/8/2002 Jean-Claude Junqua Speech Processing Anytime, Anywhere: How Close Are We?
7/11/2002 Julian Nott Math Lets Dreams Take Flight: Exploring Our World with Julian Nott
6/13/2002 Rosanne Welcher Cancer Management: The Future of PharmacoDiagnsotic Assays
5/9/2002 Award Winners The 47th Annual Santa Barbara SCIENCE FAIR AWARD WINNERS
4/11/2002 Paul Griffith In Search of the Better Battery: Eleven Years of Electric Bus Operation in Santa Barbara
3/25/2002 Doug Katsev* Nuts and Bolts of Eye Surgery 2002: An Update on Treatments for Vision Problems
3/14/2002 Dane Ehrich Who's Reading Your Meter? Current Trends in Utility Metering
2/14/2002 Lisa Farr The New Access Edge: The Economic and Technical Reality of a Converged Network
1/21/2002 Bruce Hinds* An Update on the B-2 Stealth Bomber
1/10/2002 Kenneth Waxman Trauma Center On The Central Coast: Now And In The Future
12/13/2001 Gary Kravetz Latest Changes in the Local Technical Job Market: How Local Companies are Restructuring Their Jobs
11/8/2001 Dr. Alan J. Heeger Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers:
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry
10/11/2001 Dr. Herbert Kroemer Heterostructures for Everything?
9/13/2001 Dr. Jeff Dozier Greening the University: Lessons from Bren Hall
8/9/2001 Patrick Kinney Bluetooth: True Or False?
7/23/2001 Dr. Charles Greene* Where are all the Whales Going?
6/14/2001 Lloyd Sorensen Hey, We Heard That! Hydroacoustic Arrays Listening for Nuclear Tests
5/10/2001 Award Winners The 46th Annual Santa Barbara SCIENCE FAIR AWARD WINNERS
4/16/2001 Dr. Mary Howe-Grant* Understanding the Human Genome
4/21/2001 John McKinsey CA Power Crunch: The Inside Story

Dr. William J. Perry*

Decision Analysis

George Tamas

Virtual Government: Reinvention, or Revolution?

Donald R. Logan*

California Electricity
--records missing--

Mark Sylvester 

Visual Culture: The role of computer animation, digital composition, and digital production techniques

* Indicates meeting held in downtown Santa Barbara.