Past Luncheons

Past Luncheon Meetings

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Below are Past Luncheon Meetings. Also see Archived Events from January 2017 to present

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2023 Meetings

11/8/23 Larry Martinez, Professor Emeritus, Political Science, CalState Long Beach Ensuring the Sustainability of Outer Space: Orbital Debris Dilemmas
10/11/23 Stephen Wilson, Professor, UCSB Materials; Associate Director, CNSI; Co-Director, NSF's Quantum Foundry at UCSB Research Frontiers in Superconductivity
9/13/23 Dave Muffly, senior arborist and horticultural futurist Climate Change and California's Trees
8/9/23 Brian Milburn, CEO/Founder Solid Oak Software AI: How Can it be Used to Deceive and/or Defend Us?
7/12/23 Ivan Bercovich, Partner at ScOp Venture Capital Artificial Intelligence: Thoughts on AI as a Practitioner Turned Investor
6/14/23 Jason Burwen, VP of Policy & Strategy for GridStor Goleta Join's California's Energy Storage Transformation
5/10/23 Dr. Benjamin Halpern, Director NCEAS and Professor, Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, UCSB The Environmental Footprint of Global Food Production
4/12/23 Dr. Misha Sra, Assistant Professor, UCSB Computer Science Department Human-AI Integration
3/8/23 Bob Allen, Creative Director of Pale Blue Dot Ventures and Founder and Chief Storytelling Officer of IDEAS A Sneak Preview of Space Base California

2022 Meetings

12/14/22 Dr. Michael Beyeler, UCSB Computer Science & UCSB Psychological & Brain Sciences Learning to See Again with a Bionic Eye
11/9/22 Dr. Alex Moreland, UCSB Chemistry and Biochemistry Paradigm-Changing Antibiotics to Combat the Antimicrobial Resistance Crisis
9/14/22 Dr. Norbert Reich, UCSB Chemistry and Biochemistry How to Use the Software that Controls Cellular Differentiation
8/10/22 Dr. Chris Richardson, UCSB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Using Gene Editing Tools to Understand DNA Repair
7/13/22 Dr. Galan Moody, UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering The Key Exchange Problem: Cryptography in the Quantum Computing Era
6/8/22 Dr. Rachel Street, Las Cumbres Observatory Hunting Isolated Black Holes with Microlensing
5/11/22 Dr. Kenneth S. Kosik, UCSB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology The Surprising Science of Brain Organoids
4/13/22 Dr. Michael Mahan, UCSB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Smartphone, M.D: Smartphone and Spit Test for COVID and Flu
3/30/22 2022 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 66th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
3/9/22 Dr. Chris Free, UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science Expanding Ocean Food Production Under Climate Change
2/9/22 Dr. Arnab Mukherjee, Assistant Professor, UCSB Chemical Engineering Repurposing Biomolecules with Unusual Functions to Image Deep Inside the Body
1/12/22 Dr. Eric McFarland, CTO & Board Chair of C-Zero; Professor, UCSB Chemical Engineering Decarbonizing Fossil Fuels for the Lowest Cost CO2-Free Hydrogen

2021 Meetings

12/8/21 Mike Ricci, LaunchPoint Electric Propulsion Solutions Why Electric Aircraft are a Bigger Engineering Challenge than Electric Cars
10/13/21 Jeff Hecht The Continuing Challenges of Self-Driving Cars
8/11/21 Dr. Rajive Bagrodia, Scalable Network Technologies Improving Cyber Resilience of Mission-Critical Systems
7/14/21 Lori Guetre, Carbon Engineering Achieving Net Zero with Direct Air Capture
6/9/21 Dr. Christopher M. Bates, UCSB Materials Super-Soft Elastomers: A New Spin on Age-Old Materials
5/12/21 Dr. Danielle Touma, UCSB Bren School of Environmental Science Detecting the Human Fingerprint on Wildfire and Flood Risks
4/14/21 Dr. Andy Howell, Las Cumbres Observatory  New Insights into Exotic Explosions from Las Cumbres Observatory
3/24/21 2021 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 65th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
3/10/21 Dr. Eyal Amir, CEO Ai Incube Building Smart Cities
2/24/21 Dr. Carolina Arias, UCSB Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology A Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Update on Vaccines and Viral Variants
2/10/21 Dr. David Lea, UCSB Earth Sciences and Bren School Decarbonizing California's Transportation Sector
1/13/21 Matt Heverly, JPL Robotics Engineer The Perseverance Rover and the Search for Ancient Life on Mars

2020 Meetings

12/9/20 Dr. Mahdi Abu-Omar, UCSB Chemistry and Biochemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments  Creating Value From Plastic Waste
3/11/20 Dr. Carolina Arias, UCSB Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology A Viral Lecture: Understanding the World of Viruses and Outbreaks
2/12/20 Dr. Kaustav Banerjee, UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering Exploiting 2D Materials for Smart Life
1/8/20 Jim Breen, The Air Show Network (ASN) Producing a World-Class Air Show

2019 Luncheons

12/11/19 Dr. Michelle O'Malley, UCSB Chemical Engineering Harnessing Gut Microbes to Turn Waste into Energy
11/13/19 Dr. Mike Eddy, Resonant Inc. 5G: Technology Innovation under the Hood
10/9/19 Ivan Bercovich, Amazon Alexa Developing Alexa: Core Engineering and Scientific Challenges
9/11/19 Craig Lewis, Clean Coalition Community Microgrids: Renewables-Driven Resilience
8/14/19 Dr. Raphaële Clément, UCSB Materials Dept Future Battery Chemistries & Advanced Diagnostic Tools for Battery Research

Gary Kravetz, moderator
Torey Bell, Aerotek
Dawn Coles, FLIR
Sarah Main, LogMeIn
Anthony Schuck, Corning

Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2019
6/12/19 Steve Sereboff, founder of SoCal IP Law Group Patents – So Much is New in the Law of Innovation
5/8/19 Dr. Kurt Ransohoff, CEO and Chief Medical Officer of Sansum Clinic Trends in Healthcare Worth Knowing About
4/10/19 2019 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 64th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
3/13/19 Dr. Paul J. Atzberger, Professor, UCSB Mathematics and UCSB Mechanical Engineering Machine Learning in the Sciences and Engineering: Challenges and Opportunities
2/13/19 Dr. Corey Hoven, founder and CTO of Next Energy Technologies Beautiful Energy: Windows that Generate Energy from the Sun
1/9/19 Robert N. Yamasaki, Vice President and Information Security Officer, Community West Bank Cybercrime and How You Can Protect Yourself

2018 Luncheons

12/12/18 Joshua Haggmark, Water Resources Manager for the City of Santa Barbara Building Water Supply Resiliency: Diversity, Innovation, and Conservation
11/14/18 Dr. Elliott W. Hawkes, UCSB Mechanical Engineering Adding Soft to Robotics: From gecko-inspired wall-climbing to vine-inspired navigation
10/10/18 Dr. Ben Mazin, UCSB Physics Looking for Planets Outside Our Solar System with Superconducting Photon Detectors
09/12/18 Prof. Denise Montell, UCSB Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Life and Near Death Experiences at the Cellular Level
08/08/18 Prof. Javier Read de Alaniz Red Fish, Blue Fish, Dead Fish: Sensors for Food Safety
07/11/18 Gary Kravetz, moderator
Sharon Brown, Axxcss Wireless Solutions
Sandie Wilkes, Arthrex California Technology
Sheri Griffiths, Apple One Employment Services
Katie Wilkes, Apple One Employment Services
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2018
06/13/18 Mike Brown, VP of Operations for Pacific Design Technologies How to Keep Your Cool - Thermal Management for Challenging Applications
05/09/18 Dr. Gabriel Menard, UCSB Chemistry and Biochemistry Clean Energy Storage: Chemical and Electrochemical Strategies
04/11/18 2018 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 63rd Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/14/18 Alexander Proctor, co-founder Active Life Scientific Bone Fragility vs Density: Innovation for diagnosis and treatment in an aging population
02/14/18 Dr. James F. Buckwalter, Professor UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering Wireless Challenges for RF, Millimeter-wave, and Photonic Technologies
01/24/18 Dr. Geoffrey Alan Gray, CEO Heeluxe Beautiful Machines: Designing Testing Tools for Better Shoes

2017 Luncheons

12/13/17 meeting cancelled due to fire
11/08/17 Dr. Craig Prater, CTO at Anasys Instruments What the heck is that? Using a microscopic mirage to chemically identify and map materials
10/11/17 Dr. Sumita Pennathur, UCSB Mechanical Engineering Smarter Sensors and Wearable Devices for Medicine
09/13/17 Gary Kravetz, moderator
Steve Bermudez, Impact Radius
Erma Cervantes, Bega-US
Elsa Perez, CMC Rescue
Anthony Schuck, Volt Workforce Solutions
Janet Wallace, Pacific Design Technology
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2017
08/08/17 Dr. Yon Visell Reverse Engineering the Sense of Touch
07/12/17 Dr. Chandra Krintz, Professor, UCSB Computer Science and Chief Scientist at AppScale Systems SmartFarms: Using Internet of Things to turn Analytics into Farm Implements
06/14/17 Dr. Mark Sherwin, UCSB Physics Terahertz-Frequency Electro-Optics: Colliding Quasiparticles a Trillion Times per Second
05/10/17 Dr. Patrick Daugherty, President & CEO of Serimmune Inc. Revealing the fingerprints of the environment on our immune systems
04/12/17 2017 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 62nd Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/08/17 Dr. Burton Tripathi of TrueVision The future of microsurgery - the digital transformation
02/08/17 Dr. Galen Stucky, UCSB Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry From the Benchtop to Commercialization and Beyond: New Solutions for Old Problems
01/11/17 Daniel Price, CEO of Bread Inc The Internet of Things: the myth, hype, facts, and engineers

2016 Luncheons

12/14/16 Dr. Amitabh Ghoshal, Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies Optical Structures in Biology – A Closer Look Reveals Insights!
11/09/16 John Cabeca, Director of the West Coast USPTO (Silicon Valley) Intellectual Property: Overview and Strategies
10/12/16 Matthew Turk, PhD; Department of Computer Science, UCSB Beyond Pokémon Go: Augmented Reality for the Real World
09/14/16 Stephen Scopatz, General Manager of Electro Optical Industries Still Developing New Optics after 50 Years
08/10/16 Panel lead by Gary Kravetz, co-president of SEC:
Susie Weslander, Executive Recruiter at Volt
Sharon Mercer Brown, Corporate Director of Human Resources at Moseley Associates, Inc.
Michael Boucher, QAD
Tina Adams, Channel Technologies
Danny Nishiyama, Business Development/Volt
State of Technical Employment in Santa Barbara
07/13/16 Riviera Robotics Team Under the Hood: Team 5818 FIRST Robot
06/08/16 Kevin Plaxco, PhD Associate Director of UCSB's Center for Bioengineering Real-Time Molecular Measurements in the Living Body
05/09/16 Alan McCall, Mechanical Engineer, Dehlsen Associates, LLC Wave Energy Conversion: Challenges and Potential Solutions
04/13/16 2016 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 61st Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/09/16 Dr. Henry Baker, Consultant Encryption Technology Demystified
02/10/16 Nick Winters of Santa Barbara Hackerspace Iterate Faster With a 3D Printer
01/13/16 Dr. Ken Babcock, Lifescale MEMS in the Real World: Fighting Antibiotic Resistance and Other Adventures

2015 Luncheons

12/09/15 Dr. Katie Byl, UCSB ECE on Robotics Limbed Robots: Mobility
11/11/15 Yanick Fratantonio, PhD candidate in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara Malware on Mobile: The What, The Why, and The How
10/14/15 Tom Strelich, Technical Fellow at Northrop Grumman Synergy on Steroids:  Model Driven Engineering (MDE) 101
9/9/15 Clint Schow, ECE department, UCSB Opportunities and Challenges for Photonics in Next-Generation Data Centers

David Copp, Mechanical Engineering:  "Closing the Loop: Engineering an Artificial Pancreas"

Selvi Ersoy, Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology: "Killing Me Softly with Antibiotics"

Matt Gebbie, Materials: "Simplifying Nature's Invention: Engineering Mussel Proteins into Biomedical Glues"

Lakshmanan Nataraj, Electrical and Computer Engineering: "Photographing Computer Programs to Identify Malicious Software"

Jamie Booth, Mechanical Engineering:  "Gecko-Inspired Adhesive Materials"

Hot Topics at UCSB! 2015 Grad Slam Winners Share Their Research
07/08/15 Andrew Kendrick, President, Kendrick Consultanting, LLC Oil and Gas Pipeline Integrity and Corrosion Management
06/10/15 Gregory Koss, Chief Technology Advisor / Development Officer, CALIENT Technologies 3D MEMS Photonic Optical Circuit Switching: Growing Use in Cloud Data Centers
05/13/15 Dr. John Martinis, Professor of Physics, UCSB What's Next After Moore's Law: Quantum Computing
04/08/15 2015 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 60th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/11/15 Gary Kravetz and panel including Debbie Aronow, Technical Recruiter; Volt Workforce Solutions, Danielle Herandez, Recruitor, Human Resources; Channel Technologies Group, Michael Daoud, President, Visus LLC Santa Barbara County Tech Employment Outlook
02/11/15 Brian Herbst of SAFE Laboratories, LLC Crashing Cars For A Reason (And For Fun!)
01/13/15 Dr. Mike Eddy, VP of Marketing, Resonant, Inc. Meeting Mobile Bandwidth Challenges with Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN)

2014 Luncheons

12/10/14 Dr. John Bowers, Director of UCSB Institute of Energy Efficiency Silicon Photonics: Transforming Data Centers
11/12/14 Thomas Evans, Chief Engineer at the Goleta Water District Groundwater Supplies, the Drought and Conservation
10/08/14 Dr. Nicholas Cunningham, Nyler Research Exploring the Small and Significant with Atom Probe Tomography
09/10/14 Niels Van Erven, head of Sonos' Radio Engineering group Hi-Fi Over Wi-Fi: A Wireless Music System
08/13/14 Mike Franco of Riptide IO Turning Commercial Buildings into Smart Buildings: The Internet-of-Things for Smaller Businesses
07/09/14 UCSB Grad Slam winners, introduced by Carol Genetti, Dean of the Graduate Division at UCSB Hot Topics at UCSB: Grad Slam Winners Share Their Research 
06/11/14 Dr. Pradeep Sen, UCSB Advanced Graphics Lab, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering Computational Image Processing, Visualization Lab Computing Realistic Images of the World Around Us
05/08/14 Mike Pugh, VP Marketing and Vince Niedzielski, VP Engineering, j2 Global From Web to Mobile: Transitioning without Missing a Beat
04/09/14 2014 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 59th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/12/14 Dr. Carl Schueler, Schueler Consulting Commercially Hosted Remote Sensing; History, Challenges, Opportunities
02/12/14 Gary Kravetz, Moderator
Todd Mitchell, Network Hardware Resale
Janet Wallace, Pacific Design Technology 
Dawn Coles, FLIR Systems
Trish Miller, Spherion Staffing
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara, 2014
01/08/14 Dr. Philip Lubin, UCSB Physics Department Vaporizing Asteroids that Threaten the Earth

2013 Luncheons

12/11/13 Dr. Ilan Ben-Yaacov, Department of Electrical Engineering, UCSB 2013 Senior Electrical Engineering Capstone Projects
11/13/13 Dr. Scott Grafton, MD, UCSB Department of Psychology Human brain networks: Understanding function from connections and activity
10/09/13 Dr. Ambuj Singh, UCSB Departments of Computer Science & Biomolecular Science and Engineering Online Landscape Mapping
09/11/13 Derrick Bailey, Traffic Engineer, City of Santa Barbara The Science of Traffic Engineering
08/08/13 Dr. Morgan Kelly, UCSB Researcher, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology Life in a changing ocean: will adaptation come to the rescue?
07/11/13 Dr. Martin Moskowits, UCSB Chemistry Department A Radically New Way to Harvest the Sun’s Energy
06/13/13 Ansh Kanwar of Citrix Internet-Scale Services: from Idea to Delivery
05/09/13 Industry Panel including Sharon Pavico-Vega, Right Scale and Danielle Hernandez, Channel Technologies Group
led by Gary Kravetz, co-president of SEC
Technical Employment in Santa Barbara – 2013
04/11/13 2013 Santa Barbara County Science Fair Winners 58th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair
03/14/13 Andrew Cleland, UC Santa Barbara, Physics Facebook and Prime Numbers: How a quantum computer is like a social network
02/14/13 Yasamin Mostofi, PhD, UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering Integration of Sensing, Communication, and Navigation in Mobile Networks
01/10/13 Claudio Campagnari, UCSB Physics The Higgs Boson: Particle of the Year

2012 Luncheons

12/13/12 Mike Brown of Pacific Design Technologies Keeping Curiosity Cool (or Warm): Thermal Control of the Newest Mars Rover
11/8/12 Dave Clark, President, Impulse Advanced Communications The History of the Internet in Santa Barbara: An overview from ARPANET through the dotcom bubble and into "The Cloud"
10/11/12 Stan Stahl, Ph.D., President, Los Angeles Chapter, Information Systems Security Association It Takes the Village to Secure the Village(SM)
09/13/12 John Richard and Dr. Marie O'Regan from Dupont Displays DuPont’s Printing Technique Produces Affordable OLED Displays
08/09/12 Dr. Ram Seshadri, Professor, UCSB; Materials and Chemistry & Biochemistry Phosphor converted solid state white lighting: What's that on your ceiling?
07/12/12 Yifeng Wu, Ph.D.VP, Product Development, Transphorm GaN Power Technologies: Riding the Third Wave for Energy Efficiency
06/14/12 Craig Prater of Anasys Instruments What the heck is that? Using infrared spectroscopy and atomic force microscopy
to identify and map material at the nanoscale
05/10/12 Moderator Gary Kravetz, Co-President of SEC, Panel members: Maxine Price, Bruker- Nano Surfaces Business; Todd Mitchell, Network Hardware Resale; Dr. Prashant Rajvaidya, Mosaic Network; and Cindy Mayer, Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2012
04/12/12 2012 Science Fair Winners 57th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair
03/08/12 John Vampola, Raytheon Vision Systems Space Products Infrared Technology in the 21st Century
02/09/12 Dr. John Bowers, Board Chairman and Claude Dorais, Director and President, Unite to Light The Unite to Light story: Using technology to provide clean, reliable electricity to developing countries
01/12/12 Dr. Greg Fish, VP of Research and Development at Aurrion Inc More Than Moore: Harnessing the Power of Silicon Microelectronics Beyond Digital

2011 Luncheons

12/08/11 Peter Schlueer, President and CFO, WorldViz Virtual Reality – An Innovative Technology Going Mainstream
11/10/11 Dr. Scott Ferguson, Craig Cummins and Greg Burek from UCSB Panel of winners from UCSB's Technology Management Program New Venture Competition
10/13/11 Dr. Pierre Wiltzius, Dean of Science and a professor of physics at UCSB When Photons Sing: The Future of Optical Communications
09/08/11 Wayne Norris of SEDS, LLC The Best Way To Find IEDs You Probably Never Heard Of
08/11/11 Michael Ditmore , Executive Director of Novim and James Knight, Novim’s Executive Vice President Earth Surface Temperatures:  A New Assessment of Historic Global Temperature
07/14/11 Dr. Mark Kram, Founder and CTO of Groundswell Technologies, Inc Sensor and GIS Integration for Automated
Web-Based Environmental Monitoring and Visualization
06/06/11 Amir Abo-Shaeer and Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Building Robots - 2011: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It DPEA Video 1 DPEA Video 2
05/12/11 Burton Tripathi, Ph.D and David Stuart of TrueVision 3D Surgical The New Eye Surgery: 3D Visualization and Guidance
04/14/11 2011 Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners 56th Annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair
03/10/11 Daniel R. Tormey, Ph.D., P.G. – Cardno ENTRIX Technical Director Lessons From Catastrophe: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Climate Change, and Glacial Melting
02/10/11 Dr. Lars Blidsten, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics and Department of Physics, UCSB Exploding Stars
01/13/11 Gary Kravetz, Susie Weslander Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2011

2010 Luncheons

12/09/10 Alex Proctor, Director of Technology, Active Life Scientific BioDent Device Measures Bone Strength
11/11/10 Dr. Klaus Schauser, Founder and Chief Strategist, AppFolio Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service: The Next Revolution in Computing
10/14/10 Dr. Christopher Kruegel of UCSB Security Challenges on Today's Internet
09/09/10 Chris Herbert - Co-Founder and CTO of Phone Halo Smart Objects
08/12/10 Dr. Benjamin A. Haskell, CEO of Inlustra Technologies, Inc. Using Gallium Nitride in LEDs and Lasers: The Problems of Polarization
07/08/10 Gary Kravetz, Vice Chairman of SCORE and evaluator of funding requests for Tech Coast Angels Tech Coast Angels: Funding and Support for Potential Success
06/10/10 Amir Abo-Shaeer, Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Director, and the 2010 Robotics Team Building Robots - 2010: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It
05/13/10 2010 Science Fair Winners 55th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners Present their Projects
04/08/10 Dr. Jamey Marth, Director of the Center for Nanomedicine Nanomedicine: Discovering and Disabling the Cellular Origins of Disease
03/11/10 Russ Sharer, Vice President of Marketing for Occam Networks Rebuilding the Global Telecom Network with Broadband
02/11/10 Gary Kravetz, Karen Anne Platt, Dixie Vargas, Dan Munoz, and Erma Zuniga Santa Barbara Employment Outlook
01/14/10 George Konstantinow, Cristopher Geiler MD, Christina Thielst, Gale Wilson-Steele Social Networking in Health Care and Medicine

2009 Luncheons

09/10/09 Matt Vlasach, CEO, Pacific Swell Networks, Inc. The “Universal Directory” – Concepts, Benefits and Technology
08/13/09 Craig Prater, Chief Technology Officer, Anasys Instruments Let's Talk Small -- Fun and Games with the World's Smallest Heat Source
07/09/09 Bruce Allen of SOS California, Energy Consultant and Author Expanding Oil Drilling to Fight Pollution and Fund Renewables: Poppycock or Paradigm Shift?
06/11/09 Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy (DPEA) DPEA's 2009 Robot and Competition Results
05/14/09 2009 Science Fair Winners Santa Barbara Science Fair: Award winners present their winning projects
04/09/09 Amir Mikhail, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Engineering, Clipper Windpower, Inc. Wind Power: History, Technology and Future Development
03/12/09 Gary Kravetz, SEC co-president and Susie Weslander, technical recruiter Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2009
02/12/09 Philip J. Wyatt, CEO, Wyatt Technology Corporation Wine, Coca Cola®, Absolut Vodka® and Light Scattering: How a problem of physics helped launch a company.
01/08/09 Tam Hunt, Community Environmental Council Fossil Free by '33: Regional Plans for Fossil-Free Energy Generation

2008 Luncheons

12/11/08 Eric Boldt , Meteorologist, National Weather Service What is Weather? Forecasts and Delivery Formats from the National Weather Service
11/13/08 Don Oparah and Eckart Meiberg, UCSB Venture Acceleration Initiative and Virtual Geology: Simulating Oceanic Sedimentation Processes for Deep-Water Oil Exploration
10/09/08 Gaemus Collins, Analyst, Toyon Research Corporation Autonomous Control Algorithms for Unmanned Air Vehicles
09/11/08 Katheryn Greenaway, UCSB TMP Program Manager; Sherrie Robert, CEO, InFlowMed; Troy Baker, Founder and CTO, Nitride Solutions UCSB Technology Management Program and 2008 Winners of the New Venture Competition
08/14/08 Dr. Rachel Street, Las Cumbres Observatory Global Telescope Network Searching for New Worlds, the discovery of extrasolar planets using robotic cameras to detect transits.
07/10/08 Jim Spink, Senior Program Manager, ATK Space Systems Powering the Mars Phoenix Lander: ATK’s Deployable Ultraflex Solar Array
06/12/08 Amir Abo-Shaeer and the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Building Robots - 2008: How the Dos Pueblos Engineering Academy Does It
05/08/08 2008 Award Winners 2008 Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners
04/10/08 Gary Kravetz, Tracy Baskerville, Susie Weslander, Valerie Janssens Technical Employment in Santa Barbara - 2008
03/13/08 Keith Friedman Engineering Science Behind Your Everyday Safety
02/14/08 Alan Heeger, PhD Low Cost "Plastic" Solar Cells
01/10/08 Burton Tripathi, PhD 3D HD micro surgery – TrueVision is coming to an Operating Room near you

2005 Luncheons

12/8/2005 Roger Helkey MEMS-Based Optical Switching: Meeting the needs of Large-Scale Fiber
11/10/2005 Steve Trainoff Why Chemical and Pharmaceutical Companies Are Interested In Why the Sky Is Blue
10/13/2005 Douglas H. Harris Connecting the Dots: The Evolution of Intelligence Analysis
9/8/2005 Julian Nott Exploring the Landscape of Scientific Ballooning
8/11/2005 H.T. Soh What can Moore's Law Do for Medicine?
7/14/2005 Professor Amir S. Mikhail Wind Energy's Contribution to Global Energy: The Role of Technical Innovation
6/9/2005 Professor David Awscholom Beyond Electronics: Spintronics and Quantum Computers
5/12/2005 Award Winners 50th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/14/2005 Geoff Deane Untethered from the Tank: Technology Gives Freedom To Oxygen
3/10/2005 Andy Erickson Probing the Frontiers of the Nanoscale with Multiple AFMs
2/10/2005 Gary Kravetz Changes in the Local Technical Job Market for 2005
1/13/2005 Nicola Spaldin Being Smart about "Smart" Materials: the Chemical Design of New Materials

2004 Luncheons

12/9/2004 Eric McFarland Taking the Oil Out of Gasoline: New Technology for Natural Gas
11/11/2004 Paul Hansma Casting For Solutions: A Microscopic Look at Bone Fracture Dynamics
10/14/2004 Dennis Adderton Small-Tech Wizardry: Synthesizing Carbon Nanotubes
9/9/2004 David Messner Reaching Out In Space: Current Directions in Deployable Space Systems
8/12/2004 Austin Richards Commercial Applications for Infrared Imaging: The State of the Art
7/8/2004 Tully Clifford Traffic: Engineered for the Masses
6/10/2004 Daniel Morse The Bio-Nano Interface: Nanofabricating Semiconductors Using Biotechnology
5/13/2004 Award Winners The 49th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/8/2004 William Radasky Interference Problems: How The Sun Affects Our Technology
3/11/2004 Kenichi Yoshie Bridging Cultures: Japan-US and Academe-Industry
2/12/2004 John Illgen Special Technology Assignment By The DoD To The Republic of South Korea
1/8/2004 Gary Kravetz Latest Changes in the Local Technology Job Market

2003 Luncheons

12/11/2003 Professor Evelyn L. Hu The Promise of the Very Small: Nanoscience at the California NanoSystems Institute
11/13/2003 Steve Silverman Goleta Goes to Mars: Mini-TES and THEMIS
10/9/2003 Larry Levelle Finding Errors Earlier in Mission Critical Software
9/11/2003 Roberta Nielsen The State of Handheld Computers
8/14/2003 Dr. Jean-Claude Junqua Speech Processing Anytime, Anywhere
7/10/2003 Felix Fischer Patents and Intellectural Property for Technologists
6/12/2003 Michael Barber Astronomical Imaging with CCD Cameras
5/8/2003 Award Winners The 48th Annual Santa Barbara Science Fair Award Winners
4/15/2003 Rod Smith* Pipeline Construction Project From the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea
4/10/2003 Fred Brander The Grapes of Math: A Chemist's Approach to Winemaking
3/13/2003 Dr. Jack Love A New Treatment for Valvular Heart Disease Using the Patient's Own Tissue
2/13/2003 Walter Ware Telematics: What is IT?
1/9/2003 Gary Kravetz Latest Changes in the Local Technical Job Market

2002 Luncheons

12/12/2002 Steve Butner Operation Lindbergh: The World's First Human Telesurgery
11/14/2002 Arlon Martin Applications for Tunable Lasers
10/10/2002 Alan Campbell Cool Products with Digital Signal Processors (DSP)
9/23/2002 Jim Reichman* Doom, Gloom... and Hope: A Report on the Current State of Ecology
9/12/2002 Craig Prater Thinking Small: Microcantilevers for medical diagnostics, chemical sensors, and electronic noses
8/8/2002 Jean-Claude Junqua Speech Processing Anytime, Anywhere: How Close Are We?
7/11/2002 Julian Nott Math Lets Dreams Take Flight: Exploring Our World with Julian Nott
6/13/2002 Rosanne Welcher Cancer Management: The Future of PharmacoDiagnsotic Assays
5/9/2002 Award Winners The 47th Annual Santa Barbara SCIENCE FAIR AWARD WINNERS
4/11/2002 Paul Griffith In Search of the Better Battery: Eleven Years of Electric Bus Operation in Santa Barbara
3/25/2002 Doug Katsev* Nuts and Bolts of Eye Surgery 2002: An Update on Treatments for Vision Problems
3/14/2002 Dane Ehrich Who's Reading Your Meter? Current Trends in Utility Metering
2/14/2002 Lisa Farr The New Access Edge: The Economic and Technical Reality of a Converged Network
1/20/2002 Kenneth Waxman, MD

Trauma Center on the Central Coast: Now and in the Future

2001 Luncheons

12/13/2001 Gary Kravetz

How Local Companies are  restructuring Their Jobs and What Jobs are Hot and Not


Professor Alan J. Heeger

Semiconducting and Metallic Polymers:
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Professor Herbert Kroemer

Heterostructures for Everything?


Jeff Dozier

Greening the University: Lessons from Bren Hall


Patrick Kinney

Bluetooth: True Or False??


Charles Greene*

Where are all the Whales Going?


Lloyd Sorensen

Hey, We Heard That! Hydroacoustic Arrays Listening for Nuclear Tests


Mary Howe-Grant*

Understanding the Human Genome


John McKinsey

CA Power Crunch: The Inside Story


William J. Perry*

Decision Analysis


George Tamas

Virtual Government: Reinvention or Revolution?


Donald R. Logan*

California Electricity

2000 Luncheons

(Records incomplete)

6/8/2000 Mark Sylvester, Alias|Wavefront

Visual Culture: The role of computer animation, digital composition, and digital production techniques

* Meeting held in downtown Santa Barbara