Sikama International, Inc.

Sikama International, Inc.

Sikama International, Inc
118 E Gutierrez Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101 USA

Phone: (1) 805-962-1000
Fax: (1) 805-962-6100

Technical Questions only please: [email protected]

About Sikama

As President and cofounder of Sikama International Inc., I am pleased to introduce you to the technical, production and service capabilities of our company. There have been significant technical and production advances in solder reflow and semiconductor equipment technologies. At Sikama we take considerable pride in the technology that we have pioneered and which has substantially contributed to the present state of the art.

Sikama, though a small company, is highly regarded by our many customers as is evidenced by repeat ordering of standard reflow systems and the purchase of systems custom engineered to meet difficult production soldering and thermal curing requirements. It is this thermal technology capability that has made Sikama a prime supplier of solder reflow and related equipment to some of the major high technology companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.

My pledge to our customers, past, present, and future, is that we will not undertake any project that we feel is not within our technological or production capability. We consider product quality and customer service to be of paramount importance and we strive to provide it.

I sincerely hope you find this description of our company interesting and informative.

Kail Wathne

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