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The Nevada Governor's Office of Energy (GOE) oversees energy programs required through statute and those that help to meet the mission of the office.


The mission of the GOE is to ensure the wise development of Nevada's energy resources in harmony with local economic needs and to position Nevada to lead the nation in renewable energy production, energy conservation, and the exportation of energy. The GOE implements the laws of the State as defined in Nevada Revised Statutes 701 and 701A; manages energy-related programs; facilitates cooperation between key stakeholders; advises the Governor on energy policy; and collaborates with our local, regional, and federal partners to ensure a reliable and sustainable energy system.


The GOE accelerates the use of performance contracting in government facilities through its Performance Contracting Audit Assistance Program, offers building owners tax incentives to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings through its Green Building Tax Abatements Program, encourages developers to build renewable energy projects in Nevada through its Renewable Energy Tax Abatements, and provides short-term, low-cost loans to developers of renewable energy projects, renewable component manufacturers, energy efficiency, and energy conservation projects through its Revolving Loans Program. In 2014, GOE launched the Home Energy Retrofit Opportunities for Seniors Program, which funds weatherization improvements and reduces energy costs for eligible Nevada seniors. In 2015, the GOE launched the Direct Energy Assistance Loan (DEAL) Program to state employees as part of Governor Brian Sandoval's effort to promote energy efficiency in the State. The GOE developed the program to help State of Nevada employees fund energy efficiency measures in their homes. Funded by NRS 701A.450, DEAL provides State of Nevada employees an interest-free loan for energy efficiency upgrades that is paid off via a monthly payroll deduction.

2015 State of Nevada Status of Energy Report

The Governor's Office of Energy is pleased to present the 2015 State of Nevada Status of Energy Report, which will acquaint readers with programs that meet and exceed Nevada's energy goals that are in statute. The intent of this report is for readers to easily move through GOE's key priorities of renewable energy production, energy conservation, and the exportation of energy, while learning interesting energy facts along the way.

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