Enerpro Incorporated

Enerpro Incorporated

5780 Thornwood Drive
Goleta 93117-3802

Ph: (805)683-2114
Email: [email protected]

Major Activities

Design, development and manufacture of:

  • High power thyristor assemblies for power supplies and motor controls
  • Thyristor trigger and regulator circuit boards
  • Medium voltage solid-state switch
  • Power factor capacitor switches
  • Battery chargers for electric busses and locomotives 
  • Diesel engine cranking controls
  • Wind Generator Controls
  • Water Treatment Power Supplies 

Key Personnel

Frank J. Bourbeau** – President
Thomas F. Bourbeau – Vice President
Robert Thies* – Operations Manager
Saul Rivera** – Manufacturing Manager
James T. Matherly – Design Engineer
Sandhya Jetti – Research and Development Engineer
Clint Gracia – Applications / Test Supervisor
Janice McClore* – Quality Assurance Manager
Gary Coulson – Production Manager
Kathy Mecono – Accountant, Human Resources Manager 

Number of Employees: 30
Scientific and Engineering Personnel: 5
Building Space: 8,600 square feet



  • Ex­per­i­ence- more than 30 years in the in­dustry.
  • Qual­ity Con­trol- 100% design, man­u­fac­tur­ing and test­ing in-house. 
  • Flex­ible Pro­duc­tion- low volume to multi-year OEM pro­duc­tion runs. 

For more than 30 years, Enerpro has been designing and manufacturing power electronics components, packages and assemblies in our Southern California facility.  Our customers are very diverse, from small manufacturers to major global OEMs.  Our manufacturing capabilities range from custom, low volume applications to multi-year OEM scale production.

Enerpro does not outsource any work, so that we can absolutely ensure the quality of our products.  Everything is 100% designed, manufactured and tested in-house.

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