June Luncheon Meeting (Goleta) 06/13/18

Wednesday, June 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM — 01:30 PM

How to Keep Your Cool - Thermal Management for Challenging Applications

Advanced digital electronics have increased the capabilities of products


from toasters to space probes. In parallel with the digitization of the world, managing the heat dissipation of electrical equipment is an ever-increasing challenge. 

Pacific Design Technologies is a leader in thermal management solutions for the aerospace and defense market. PDT supplies heating and cooling equipment for a diverse array of vehicles including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover. 

At our June 13 luncheon, Mike Brown will present an overview of the thermal challenges facing vehicle designers and describe the systems that Pacific Design Technologies provides to keep critical electronic equipment operating at peak efficiency.

Here is a nice photo of the 787 aircraft. PDT has products on this aircraft that will be featured in the presentation.

Mike Brown

Mike Brown is the VP of Operations for Pacific Design Technologies, a Goleta-based manufacturing firm with 65 employees that specializes in thermal management solutions for aerospace and defense customers. Mike has held a variety of positions in the aviation industry, primarily focused on heating/cooling systems for both manned and unmanned vehicles. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, both from the California State University system.


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