March Luncheon Meeting (Goleta) 3/8/17

Wednesday, March 08, 2017 at 12:00 PM — 01:30 PM

March Luncheon Meeting Topic: 

Dr. Burton Tripathi  and Max Ramirez of TrueVision on "The future of microsurgery - the digital transformation" 

For the last 10 years TrueVision has worked to transition surgeons away from the optics of their micropscopes. In 2017 we will be displacing the microscope itself! Come to hear (and see!) the new revolution in microsurgery - a fully digital surgical microscope, which will transform the way ophthalmology and neurosurgery are practiced. Additional insights into the future of computer-assisted surgery will be presented along with a demonstration of the technology.


Wednesday, March 8 at noon


High Sierra Grill, 521 Firestone Rd. Goleta, CA

About Our Speakers:

March Luncheon Meeting (Goleta) 3/8/17
Dr. Burton Tripathi

Dr. Burton Tripathi, CTO and VP, TrueVision, Inc. Dr. Tripathi is responsible for managing all aspects of Product Development, Engineering, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs at TrueVision Systems®, including hardware and software development, digital imaging, clinical applications, and generating the strategic product roadmap. Revolutionizing microsurgery, TrueVision is bringing high resolution, 3D, digital imaging to the optical microscope. By improving surgical precision, enabling new digital applications, and working towards better patient outcomes, Dr. Tripathi and his team at TrueVision Systems are changing the face of Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, and other surgical disciplines. 

Dr. Tripathi personally drove the development and introduction of the RC Tooset™ for refractive cataract surgical guidance (FDA Class 2). He led the product formulation, implementation, evaluation and roll-out for tools which address astigmatic correction during cataract surgery. Dr. Tripathi was also responsible for managing the clinical studies which have shown efficacy improvements of over 65%.

Dr. Tripathi received his Ph.D. and M.S. from the California Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering/Material Science and his B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University.

March Luncheon Meeting (Goleta) 3/8/17
Max Ramirez

Max Ramirez, Associate Director of Hardware Engineering, TrueVision, Inc., manages the hardware team which consists of opto-mechanical, electronics, firmware engineers, and engineering subcontractors. The image capture modules (ICMs) developed by the hardware team are key components of the TrueVision System enabling surgeons to adapt high resolution, 3D digital imaging to any surgical microscope. TrueVision is the world leader in 3D digital microsurgery providing a better way to teach future surgeons and most importantly achieve better outcomes for patients. He attended Santa Barbara City College and went on to earn his B.S. in Computer Engineering from University of Santa Barbara, California.


High Sierra Grill in Goleta