March Extra Meeting (Zoom) 3/24/21

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:30 PM


2021 Santa Barbara Science Fair Winners

We invite you to hear about the research done by the Division and Best of Show winners in the annual Santa Barbara County Science Fair. The SEC and its members support this event enthusiastically. We are pleased to recognize the Science Fair winners and their mentors as they prepare for the California State Science & Engineering Fair. Also, we are honored to award the Julian Nott Award, in memory and appreciation of this late SEC member.

2021 Fair Results
Best in Division Awards

Junior High - Life Sciences ($100 award)
Impact of Ecological Restoration on Wildlife in the Goleta
North Campus Open Space
Student: Gabriele Scussat
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School

Junior High - Physical Sciences ($100 award)
How to hit the golf ball as far as possible (projectile motion)
Student: Jonathan Yang
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School

Senior High - Life Sciences ($100 award)
Detection and Diagnosis of COVID-19 Using Remote
photoplethysmography and Deep Learning
Student: Timothy Zhang
School: Cate School

Senior High - Physical Science ($100 award)
Fighting Fire with AI: Machine Learning to Predict Wildfire
Causes and Consequences
Student: Gavin Jimerson
School: Dos Pueblos High School

Science & Engineering Council of Santa Barbara:
Julian Nott Award
Recognizing a project that is creative and
ambitious addressing a novel scientific question ($100 award)
Assessing the Effect of VOT on the Perception of
English Consonants
Student: Eamon Gordon
School: Goleta Valley Junior High School


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